Friday, 6 December 2013

depend? neither me nor you.

another sleepless night. I had all these bothering thoughts in my mind. it was annoying. blergh

but, to think back, it gave me chance to reflect of where do I stand now.
where have i brought my life to?
what are the things that I have done that I can be proud of?

nothing much.

and another question popped in my mind?


same shits. just like the last time.. 

being broken just because I didn't get the attention I'm hoping for?

am I being serious?

is that all left of me?


wait, no. 

I can walk on my own.

I can stand on my own two feet. 

I'm not pushing the world behind.

but even the world is turning

even the weather is changing.

people walk away. 

I cant stay and wait. NO.

I, too, have to walk.

I know, our paths, may crossed.

and I enjoy your company.

Of course. You can walk with me. If that's what you want.

if you ask me? I don't mind.

I, do, want you to stay.

But, I cant, if we are not going to the same way.


even me myself can't tell.

there are junctions where I have to stop. 

to think

to ponder of where I'm heading.

But, for that moment of time, 

I only have to choose.

which way to go,

THERE is no telling of what awaits.


there is room to hope

to pray.

that I have made a wise choice. 

but, let's say, it's more bumpy than I thought it'd be.

haven't the last bumpy road taught you enough of how to go through it.

BUT if we are heading the same way,

ready to unravel every chances await,

Please, stay, and walk with me.

But, if you're going to stumble every time the day goes dark, 

I'm sorry,

I can hold you for the first, second, third and fourth time.....

I can hold you all the time.

sadly, it'd treat you unjust,

There are times when you need to learn just to walk through the night.

and fight the fear.

and know that's there is always something guiding you.

even without any hands holding you.

I'm not letting go, 

I'm just letting you learn,

I will be here, but I can't promise you 

that I will stay forever.

when the time comes,

when the road splits,

remember, you just have to walk,

and let's pray that our path may, again, crossed.

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